Don’t Fear it…Revere it!

Who We Are

Beard Reverent: Forged in Long Beach, MS, by a duo whose roots are as deep as their service in the US Navy. This isn't just a family business, it's a battle-tested, veteran-owned fortress where beard culture thrives and flourishes. At the helm, a duo bonded by love, war, and a fierce pride in their Navy legacy.


The Beard Baron– The tactical mastermind of the brand with a beard as legendary as his naval exploits, honed over 15 years of braving the fiercest storms. With a mane that’s seen more than a decade and a half of life’s highs and lows, Billy is not just a man; he’s a legend. His beard doesn’t just grow; it tells stories of valor.


The Scent Alchemist – Equally forged by the discipline and her service in the Navy, Christi is no mere craftswoman; she’s a conjurer of the senses, blending scents and oils into an armamentarium of allure. With each concoction, she channels her reverence for the beard and her combat-honed tenacity into the craft, turning Beard Reverent’s offerings into legendary wares.


The Young Vanguard – More than mere testers, they are the vigilant sentinels, the unsung heroes of Beard Reverent. This youthful cadre renders their judgments with the gravity of seasoned Captains, ensuring that only the worthy are stamped with their unyielding Seal of Approval.

Our Creed

We stand in unwavering solidarity with our brothers and sisters in arms. To all Military, Veterans, and First Responders. We stand with you, as steadfast as the beards we craft for.

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